Twitch has once again been dominated by The Streamer Awards 2023, which set a new record for viewership with a 152% rise.

Fans eagerly anticipated the 2023 The Streamer Awards, and they were not disappointed. All due to QTCinderella, superstars from throughout the streaming community gathered to celebrate individual accomplishments. TenZ and Kyedae won Gamer of the Year and Best VALORANT Streamer, respectively, establishing them as Valorant royalty. As part of the celebration, Jerma985 received the Legacy Award for his contributions to the sector. Unsurprisingly, Kai Cenat won Streamer of the Year. 

The Streamer Awards 2023 shattered records while honoring its icons. Stream Charts reports that it peaked with 580,159 viewers and averaged 426,670 viewers. making it the largest stream QTCinderella has ever had. And if we include the data from additional co-streamers, the total rises to 1.31 million viewers. 

QTCinderella’s channel was streaming the Oscars, which propelled her to the top 10 Twitch Channels based on peak viewing. This was her greatest stream to date. Premios ESLAND 2023, another award ceremony organized by TheGrefg for the Spanish streaming community, was the only other streaming event to surpass it. That stream’s peak viewership of 1.75 million people is quite difficult to surpass. Despite everything, the 2023 edition of The Streamer Awards may rest easy knowing that it broke last year’s record. recording a 152% increase in peak viewers from the previous top of 380,000.

In addition, QTCinderella set new marks for herself by gaining a staggering 55,000 followers during The Streamer Awards. She even stated on Maya Higa’s Ban Appeals live broadcast that she spent a staggering $900,000 on this year’s event as opposed to the $200,000 she spent on last year’s.