Dream was accused of grooming in October 2022, which resulted in him and his companions being hounded, including Tubbo.

Following the original accusations, several Minecraft broadcasters experienced harassment because they did not “cancel Dream” or break off communication with him. People continue to blame his pals despite the fact that the accusations are still being discussed. Twitter user “mcytvibes” used social media to start a discussion to talk about this. The individual would point out that a number of well-known Minecraft content producers could have simply ceased working with Dream. 

Minecraft sensation Dream was charged with rape and abuse in October 2022. The allegations included numerous photos and other purported proof. The streamer denied being a pedophile and training younger members of his audience, even though he acknowledged that some of the images in the article were real. A major reaction against the streamer and intimidation of other content producers like Tubbo have resulted from this.

The Twitter user pointed out that Tubbo, George, and Sapnap could have easily ceased working with Dream but instead chose to do so in the social media discussion. They later emphasized that they are not defending the broadcaster from the accusations of bullying, though. However, they claimed that despite everything, those individuals would continue to support the Minecraft content producer. Harassing Tubbo during a live broadcast won’t make a difference. Some would express how the specific harassment of Minecraft broadcasters was unjustified and how many of the accusers of Dream had recanted, proving that they were only acting out of attention-seeking.

Others would argue that pressuring a broadcaster to openly choose a side in a case like this didn’t help. As victims themselves, some claim on Twitter that they had previously heard allegations made against the maker of the Minecraft content, but they stopped paying attention when the narratives started to shift. They contend that if it involves a court of law, it ought to remain there and off social media. Some users on social media noted that Dream is despised and that this is why people load on him. In the end, this discussion was started in reaction to a Twitch broadcast where Tubbo was harassed.