A popular online player and LoL underdog, MrBeast defeated Team Ninja in a best-of-three $150k League of Legends charity match.

MrBeast and Ninja competed for $150,000 in a unique League of Legends tournament, pitting two of the most popular social media personalities against one another.

The “ultimate matchup” took place at the HyperX Arena in Las Vegas with both content creators leading their own teams into battle. The evening featured competitive gameplay, a shocking upset, and a brutal round 3 to close the night.

On July 9th at 4 PM PT, the event was streamed live from the Crown Twitch channel; however, the entire four-hour stream is available to view on the channel for those who missed it.

The actual matches were streamed during the final three hours, with the first match starting at about the one-hour and 30-minute mark. The $150K Ultimate Crown event has a standard best of three formats, as MrBeast stated in his own announcement. To win the game overall, either creator must guide their team to two map victories.

Online supporters appear to have some impact on the result from outside the arena. According to the official Prime Gaming blog, viewers on Twitch can influence the matches in real time by spamming custom emotes.

While MrBeast and Ninja will both serve as captains, a number of well-known LoL players and Twitch streamers are expected to join them. We are aware of some of the prominent names joining the squads, despite the fact that some players have not yet been locked in.

Team Ninja was the favorite to win the competition going into it and following a good deal of trash-talking, but Team MrBeast quickly demonstrated that they weren’t there to play games.

Ninja was the first victim of the entire event, and as a result, MrBeast won the game 35 to 21 kills to none in just 33 minutes. In-game two, Team MrBeast picked up the tempo and quickly accrued 26 kills to Team Ninja’s 12. In less than 25 minutes, MrBeast destroyed Team Ninja and won the Ultimate Crown.

Naturally, Ninja’s drive for victory would prevent Mr. Beast from leaving without a fight. Ninja offered a third-round with $50,000 on the line for charity following a humiliating loss.

Both teams jumped into the third game after accepting the offer. At the 7:30 mark, Ninja bit into Mr. Beast in search of blood. After 15 minutes, Team Ninja would dominate, with Mr. Beast scoring a team kills to increase their advantage to 19 kills to Mr. Beast’s 9.

Five minutes later, Team Ninja would march to victory, taking out Mr. Beast, Voyboy, and Mizkif along the way.

The charity stream peaked at just under 100K concurrent viewers, which is not quite on par with an official League of Legends championship. Additionally, the legendary event was a huge success, raising $200k for charity.