The Iraqi-British Twitch star ItsSliker has recently said that Twitch employees in the U.K. attempted to prevent him from forming a partnership on the platform. Sliker, who is known for his irreverent comedy, raw honesty, and varied streams, provided some facts about his multi-year battle with Twitch.

Sliker said on stream; “I heard from a staff member [at] Twitch—they told me that the U.K. staff didn’t want me to get partnered, on my mom’s life. They said the American staff were trying to contact the U.K. staff to get me partnered, but they refused.”

Sliker has been qualified for a Twitch partnership since 2018 and was a regular guest on the Austin Show, where his affiliate status and inability to get partnered became a community meme. Sliker was partnered in March 2020 after years of patience and persistent streaming.

Sliker has been a vocal critic of Twitch despite his popularity on the platform, having roughly 4,000 subscribers and 400,000 followers. In 2019, he stated that Twitch partners are given priority. Streamers can be banned for criticizing Twitch partners, but not Twitch affiliates, he pointed out.

In 2020, he slammed the platform once more stating; “Twitch would do anything just to keep themselves safe [and] not care about their own creator. I know I’m partnered by Twitch… but there’s freedom of speech in my opinion.”

Sliker is a controversial person, even though he is well-liked in his community. On broadcast, he refers to women as “bitches,” and he was kicked off the NoPixel Grand Theft Auto roleplay server earlier this year for reportedly harassing female roleplayers.

Sliker was banned, according to Koil, the owner and chief developer of NoPixel, because he constantly catcalled women and leveraged the sexualization of female roleplayers for content. Sliker initially blamed the LGBTQ community for the ban, but later clarified on Twitter that he meant to say “SJWs.”

According to Twitch Metrics, Sliker is still one of the top 50 most-watched English Just Chatting channels on the platform.