Twitch recaps have recently returned where it gives both streamers and viewers a rundown of their activities on the platform. However, some Twitch fans have yet to receive them because they did not opt-in for marketing emails before they were sent.

Twitch sends out Twitch Recaps to both streamers and viewers every year, summarizing their actions and interactions on the platform.

Streamers can see which categories they’ve streamed the most, how many unique followers they’ve gained, how many hours they’ve been live, how many channel points they’ve earned, and which emotes they’ve used the most.

Viewers, on the other hand, will see the total number of messages sent across all streams they’ve watched, as well as their channel points, top watched categories, top used emotes, and top five most-watched channels.

All of this information is available via a simple email that Twitch sends out to its users, but some users haven’t received it.

Many users, including @runspeeder25, claimed they hadn’t received their recaps yet. Twitch Support responded by explaining why this is the case.

Twitch Support issued an official statement on the matter two hours after this interaction, explaining how the process of obtaining a Twitch recap works and how to ensure that users can get them in the future.

Twitch Recaps are a fun way for Twitch users to learn more about their habits than they would otherwise. Streamers and viewers can both expect theirs next year now that Twitch has addressed the issue of how it works.