Asmongold finally reached the first expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, Heavensward. The community of FFXIV set up a massive welcoming party and thousands of players joined to celebrate the occasion.

Despite being WoW king on Twitch, he decided to switch and hopped into another video game Final Fantasy XIV and he was immediately amazed and blown away by how good it is and how his viewers watch and tune in to see his new adventures.

Asmongold had a blast ever since, and the community loved him for that, that’s why when he reached the content in the game’s expansion, Heavensward, they surprised him with a huge welcoming party and it left him speechless.

He was obviously amazed and he continuously said that it truly is incredible. He thanked his fans and the FFXIV community for the effort. He struggled to find the words to describe what he was feeling and seeing and he was awed by it and said that it is unbelievable and that he’d never seen anything like it before.