After Twitch rejected his partner application a whopping 23 times, a streamer with more than 500,000 followers has been given the opportunity to shift to Kick.

Dantes, a Twitch streamer formerly known by the offensive user name “Doaenel,” has a long history of unsuccessfully applying to be an official partner on the Amazon-owned streaming platform. League of Legends streamer Dantes has repeatedly applied to Twitch and had his requests denied, despite the fact that he has built his channel into a powerhouse with over 500,000 subscribers. Dantes asked Kick and its co-owner Trainwreck for assistance in switching to the competing site after his 23rd application to become a Twitch partner was rejected on May 22. This was the final straw for Dantes.

Dantes stated that he had 500,000 followers and an average viewership of 4,000 in a message on Twitter that included a screenshot of the site rejecting his application. He added that this was “enough for Twitch.”

The official Kick account replied with an eyeballs emoji after tagging Kick and Trainwreck and stating that his DMs were open, and shortly after that, he actually received a message from the website. The competitor site added a green heart and wrote, “Hey, we’d love to have you on Kick.” Dantes was ecstatic and shared the screenshot with his audience, saying, “It’s happening!”

We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds, though, as Dantes still lists Twitch in his bio and it’s unclear if he’s coordinating with Kick to set up an exclusive partnership. The announcement comes as everyone waits in anticipation of the massive Kick signing that Trainwreck and Adin Ross have teased, but in the meantime, the newest site is continuously growing its roster, and it appears like Dantes might be the last to leave.