After opting to relocate to Sin City, streaming celebrity xQc disclosed that he lost over $1 million in gaming on his trip to Las Vegas.

One of the top streamers on the internet across several platforms is Felix “xQc” Lengyel. He is currently the fifth-most followed presenter on Twitch and notably agreed to a $100 million contract with Kick in June. Since then, the influencer has been the center of attention as he flaunts his newfound fortune in fights with celebrities like H3H3 and continues to debate the morality of his reactionary content. 

After a series of occurrences that caused him to move about, xQc recently revealed his plans to relocate to Las Vegas, Nevada. It appears that he is now joyfully spending money in Sin City as a pre-move vacation. It’s no secret that xQc has a net worth in the millions, but on the evening of August 9, the Juicer showed his fans just how much cheddar he has to work with in a mind-blowing Instagram story. After the Power Slap event that evening, X went out to try his luck at blackjack. He ultimately lost more than a million dollars. xQc posted a photo of himself holding onto stacks of $100 bills (flexing his famous watch, as well), captioned: “$1.1 million downswing, AHAHAHA.” 

Of course, money like this is nothing to xQc, but it’s still amazing to see how much some of the biggest streamers in the world are making because to their online notoriety. Influencers can make a lot of money through streaming. Most recently, popular ‘NPC’ TikToker PinkyDoll stated she is earning almost $7,000 per day via her Instagram, TikTok account, and presence on OnlyFans.