After spending two weeks in the hospital in Japan with a sinus infection that spread and gave him cluster headaches, a unique and excruciatingly painful headache that occurs behind the eye, IShowSpeed started streaming on YouTube earlier today.

Fans feared for his life as a result of it turning his vacation into an emotional rollercoaster, and it turns out that their fears were justified. On August 15, Speed spoke about the experience on YouTube and claimed the pain was so severe it nearly killed him. The streamer said it felt like someone was stabbing him in the eye with a knife from behind and that he hopes none of his followers ever go through it. At its worst, he was convinced it would kill him since it was that bad. He answered, “That’s the one that almost killed me. 

The illness that was causing the agony, which IShowSpeed described as the “worst-ever” infection he’s ever experienced, was treated by the doctors in order to make it as tolerable as possible. The doctors warned that he might have permanently lost his vision had it spread behind his eye. That was how bad it was. He took some time to recover, but once he did, he came back looking good. After an hour, he chose to stop the stream since he didn’t want to “overdo” it even though his eye was no longer puffy and he was still feeling some little pain.

When he returned to action, fans were ecstatic. They praised him for coming back so quickly when he should have been resting because they knew it wasn’t one of his jokes given how serious his situation was. He always seems to go out of his way to amuse them, and they are really appreciative of it.