Popular streamer Shroud broke the heartbreaking news to his audience that his father passed away from lung cancer.

Michael Grzesiek, also known online as “Shroud,” is a well-liked YouTuber, streamer, and former professional gamer. He began playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and gained the moniker “The Human Aimbot” for his crazily accurate aim. On August 12, he used Twitter to communicate the devastating news to his followers that his father had died following a lung cancer struggle. 

“He always supported me, got me into gaming, and helped shape my love for games specifically FPS (first-person shooter),” Shroud wrote. “Rest in peace papa Shroud.”

Fans flocked to the livestream to express their sympathy and support during this difficult period. “I’m so sorry for your loss man, before my dad passed he was the reason I became so competitive and he was my biggest supporter,” ‘Rawkus’ posted. He also offered Shroud some kind words moving forward, writing, “Find solace in the fact he knew you followed your dreams and got to see you flourish. It’ll never be easy but you’ll get through it, much love.” 

Former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Justin Ort, popularly known online as “Just9n,” said that he knew Shroud’s father personally and expressed his condolences. “I was a big fan of Mr. Tomtruck and I’m very grateful I got to spend time with him and enjoy his presence before this tragedy happened,” Just9n wrote. “[Of course] Mike I love you to pieces [brother] and I’m very sorry this happened to you. [Rest in peace papa Shroud].”