The sexualization of female video game characters is well-documented. However, while playing Raiders of the Lost Ark this week, Twitch’s most popular MMO streamer Asmongold took the opportunity to point out that in many games, it isn’t just women who are subjected to unrealistic body standards.

Asmongold took a moment to show viewers his character, he noted that his character is unrealistically large, muscular, and attractive. However, Asmon claims that no one ever complains about it. Instead, critics of video game representations tend to focus on how women are portrayed.

“Shut the fuck up,” Asmon concluded, noting that having unrealistic characters in fantasy games like Raiders of the Lost Ark isn’t a problem for him.

What seems to irritate him the most is that those who do complain don’t seem to notice how men are also portrayed in ways that make real-life men feel insecure.