During the Twitch Shitcamp festivities last week, Twitch streamer QTCinderella was surprised to learn how sweet Twitch’s most profane broadcaster, Felix “xQc” Lengyel, was. Given how toxic xQc can be in some of his games, this caught QT completely off guard.

xQc is also known for being abrasively honest in giving his ideas, especially on potentially sensitive topics like the heavily disputed Twitch gambling scandal, which has gotten him into trouble in the past. As a result, QTCinderella was taken aback when she discovered how very nice, hilarious, and caring xQc was. QTCinderella remarked during her live broadcast; “xQc is so great at working hard on other people’s streams too. He doesn’t just turn it on for his stream. Like holy f***ing — what a sweet, sweet person. And every single thing I did, he would say thank you for setting that up.”

She went on to express that she was quite shocked by his thoughtfulness. She said she didn’t have much time with xQc before last week, but he was “insanely sweet” and “very thoughtful.”

QT was also taken aback by xQc’s humor and realized why the Twitch star had so many followers on the network.

Naturally, xQc fans were less perplexed by QTCinderella’s remarks, given xQc’s popularity is founded on his genuineness and spontaneous comedy. There’s also the fact that xQc is French-Canadian to consider.

It’s fantastic to learn about QT’s positive experience with xQc last week, and I’m sure many other streamers feel the same way.