With twitch streamer Esfand came under fire recently because he was caught using his phone while driving, Twitch streamer xQc sided with twitch stating that even though he was good friends with Esfand, he doesn’t agree to what he’s done.

Knowing twitch, they have zero-tolerance when it comes to streamers doing something that is dangerous while broadcasting and this includes texting while driving.

Several big-name streamers such as Adin Ross and JakeNBake have been banned from the platform for a couple of days after being caught using their phone while driving live on stream. Now, some netizens have been calling out to twitch to take action against twitch streamer Esfand as he recently was caught using his phone while driving his car during Jinnytty’s live broadcast.

Other streamers have also shared their thoughts on the situation, including xQc who are known to have a good relationship with Esfand. During xQc’s recent live broadcast, he watched a clip of Esfand and he surprisingly took Twitch’s side over his friend’s.

xQc stated that he totally doesn’t agree with what Esfand has done. He likes Esfand but he disagrees with this one.

Here’s what he said; “Okay, I actually don’t agree with this. I like Esfand. It’s not even a problem. I’m not going to act like I’m hurt, or I’m malding. I’m not even malding. I just don’t agree with it. It’s going to be a hard disagreement for this one.”

Also, Twitch streamer Nmplol shares his thoughts about the situation and he admits that he likes the fact Twitch has a zero-tolerance policy on it, and if Esfand did end up getting banned for it, he believes that’s just the way it goes because anyone should never touch their phone while driving.

For now, Esfand has not been banned, and as the days go on, it is less likely to happen as Twitch hasn’t even commented on the situation.