Popular YouTuber and Co-founder of 100 Thieves Rachell Hofstetter AKA Valkyrae recently confirmed last Tuesday that she is no longer a part of the skincare company she co-founded called RFLCT, after weeks of backlash, apologies, DM leaks, and controversy.

RFLCT has also announced that all of its products will be pulled from 400 stores and almost immediately after its announcement, the company was chastised for claiming that its products would protect people from the “dangers” of blue light without giving and providing credible research to back up the product’s claims.

On a stream, Valkyrae stated that she is no longer part of RFLCT and that they are now officially separated, without a lawsuit and that they now pulled all the products out of 400 stores, and assured everyone that it was indeed a clean break. She said that It took a long time, with lawyers and stuff but still, they did it

Valkyrae joked that she believes she has “mental damage” and trauma as a result of the ordeal, referring to the psychological toll the backlash has taken on her and said that RFLCT took two years to develop and received funding from the ULTA cosmetics store and that many people, including skincare experts, chastised the company for claiming that blue light is extremely harmful to the skin and that the products would protect you.

When people demanded to see the research, she explained that she had seen it but couldn’t make it public, a fact she was completely unaware of before embarking on this adventure and that obviously, her role in the said product was primarily that of a tester and a brand ambassador, but she became the target of much of the backlash and outrage directed at RFLCT and its numerous marketing claims.

Valkyrae has made it clear that she wants out of the project in both public statements and a leaked private DM between her and Ludwig over the past week, and it appears that she has achieved that goal today.

RFLCT products vanished from store pages across the internet earlier this week, indicating that the company had shut down with the streamer confirming that the company has shut down and that she is no longer involved, it appears that the RFLCT controversy has come to an end.