A false bomb threat caused Twitch streamer Paul Denino AKA “Ice Poseidon”  to be swatted on an airplane five years ago, and he has since been banned. He now claims his return is close at hand.

Despite the fact that the celebrity was technically a victim in that situation, Twitch never unbanned Ice Poseidon. People believe he created a notoriously toxic fanbase for which he apologized, but this was never proven.

He started streaming on YouTube, the now-defunct Mixer, and returned to YouTube, albeit less frequently, possibly as a result of his cryptocurrency endeavors, because he had no choice but to accept his fate.

The contentious celebrity claimed that a return was once more anticipated. To the delight of his fans, including more than 700,000 on YouTube alone, he announced the news on August 17th via an Instagram story.

Nothing indicates that he has been restored to Twitch’s blacklist.  Therefore, it is likely that he will stream on YouTube, Twitch’s biggest competitor and a popular destination for streamers.

It will be interesting to see how the internet reacts given the controversy surrounding his fanbase. But he claimed to have cleaned it up considerably in a 2021 exclusive interview with Dot Esports.

Time will only tell if that is the case. When he goes live, we’ll learn more.