YouTube Star Rachell Hofstetter AKA Valkyrae is still embroiled in a controversy over her endorsement of RFLCT skincare, and their relationship has taken a new turn. Valkyrae’s RFLCT store has been taken down as a result of the backlash she has received.

Last October 19th, Valkyrae announced her support for RFLCT skincare, and since then, several viewers, dermatologists, and other streamers have contacted the popular YouTube content creator to express their displeasure.

RFLCT is designed to protect the skin from blue light emitted by monitors, televisions, and smartphones, but the public data suggests that the science behind RFLCT isn’t very promising. Valkyrae initially defended RFLCT’s private studies, but she has since recanted her support for the skincare company.

The RFLCT website has been deactivated, and the product has also been removed from Ulta Beauty’s online store. It’s unclear whether the product has been withdrawn or whether any sold products will be recalled at this time. Although no official announcement has been made regarding RFLCT’s removal from the internet as of yet, the removal could be linked to Valkyrae’s controversy with the skincare brand, as she is a co-founder.

Fans of Valkyrae who want to protect their skin from blue light can’t buy RFLCT products online right now. It’s possible that the product will be rebranded and sold under a different name in the future, but it’s also possible that the product will be shelved indefinitely as a result of the controversy. RFLCT, Valkyrae, and Ulta Beauty are likely working on a statement for fans who want to support Valkyrae’s skincare line as well as critics of the science behind it.

Twitch streamer Atrioc also recently leaked a Discord conversation between Valkyrae and popular Twitch streamer Ludwig. Valkyrae discussed her contract with RFLCT, the studies it showed her, and Ulta Beauty’s massive investment in the skincare company in this Discord conversation. Valkyrae also hinted at pulling out of the RFLCT contract in the wake of the backlash, saying she’s working with lawyers and public relations to repair the damage to her brand.

It’s unclear whether the leaked Discord messages between Valkyrae and Ludwig were the cause of the RFLCT store’s closure, but they could have influenced the decision. Valkyrae talked about a lot of important details about the company in private Discord chat, and the messages being leaked may have added to the stress. Some Valkyrae fans believe the YouTube content creator found a way to break her contract with RFLCT, but neither Valkyrae nor RFLCT have confirmed this.