For a long time, GTA RP has been one of the most popular Twitch streamer games. As a result, many streamers have gained instant celebrity, spawning a diverse cast of RP characters.

GTA RP is played using FiveM, a multiplayer mod for GTA 5. It allows players to create their own private servers, which are usually tailored to a particular theme. Roleplaying is strictly enforced for all players on the RP servers.

Streamers take on multiple roles, with some of them becoming fan favorites.

5 best GTA RP streamers to watch in September 2021


In the non-English speaking world, Coringa is without a doubt the most popular GTA RP streamer. His Twitch channel, in fact, continues to grow at a faster rate than anyone else’s.

Coringa is a member of the major esports organization in Brazil called LOUD collective, and they have their own GTA RP server called Cidade Alta. Coringa Twitch channel has over 2.4 million followers and his Twitch fan base is also quite active, with over 200,000 views on all of his GTA RP streams.


Summit1g is a former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who now streams full time on Twitch. He is well-known in the GTA RP community for his amusing in-game antics and his Twitch channel has now more than 1 million followers and 20,000 monthly viewers on average.

Summit1g has been known to lash out at viewers who criticize his roleplaying.


Buddha’s persona On GTA RP, Lang Buddha is easily one of the most recognizable characters. Lang Buddha is a well-known criminal on NoPixel who has long entertained viewers.

On Twitch, he has over 600k followers and his videos average over 15k views.


On GTA RP, RatedEpicz has two characters, one of whom is a cop and the other a criminal. His cop character, AJ Hunter, is a crooked cop who ignores many crimes and even associates with criminals. Randy Bullet, his criminal character, is a well-known bank robber.

RatedEpicz’s Twitch channel has over 470k subscribers and averages around 15k views per day.


Ramee‘s RP character is Ramee El-Rahman, a part-time warlord and art enthusiast. He’s a Twitch streamer from the United States who has nearly 430k followers.

Ramee has steadily grown in popularity as one of the most popular GTA RP streamers on the platform.