During a recent live broadcast, twitch streamer Felix Lengyel aka xQc discussed why female streamers are not as popular as male streamers.

The streaming world is without a doubt dominated by men. The most top streamers on twitch including Ninja, Tfue, xQc, and more are men. Of course, there are some female content creators who also have made a huge name for themselves and this includes streamers such as Valkyrae, Amouranth and Pokimane.

However, according to some reports, it shows that the platform’s top 10 streamers turned out to be men with Twitch streamer Pokimane being the single woman among them at 7th place with over 8 million followers. During a recent episode of Trainwrecks’ Scuffed podcast, Twitch streamer Felix Lengyel aka xQc chimed in on the conversation with an eye-opening take as to why the field is so male-dominated.

He claimed that men tend to stream for a lot longer than women. xQc said that women gamers are bound to stream less, and as a result, be less successful on Twitch because they get a lot of backlash for merely “existing.” xQc seemed genuinely passionate about the situation and claimed that women have no choice but to stream for less hours than men.

According to xQc, this is because streaming and gaming have been male-dominant spheres. Here’s what he said; “Even if there was a big difference, or difference at all, in the number of time men and women put into streaming, it can be explained very simply. It’s a male-dominant sphere and has been for the longest time, gaming and streaming, right?”

xQc isn’t wrong about the sheer amount of weirdness that women streamers have to go through on a regular basis. In fact, Pokimane has made an entire YouTube series reading through creepy Twitch chats, while names like Sweet Anita have even been outright stalked to their own homes. It’s clear that being a female broadcaster isn’t always sunshine and roses, but quite a few women are making huge waves in the industry.