Apex Legends’ players recently discovered a new exploit in Season 10 that is very similar to the infamous Octane Stim glitch from Season 6, and it appears that this new one is even more effective.

When you play as Octane in Apex Legends, you can quickly move around the battlefield during combat. If you take too much damage, the character’s Stim ability allows him to heal you. However, in Season 6, there was an exploit that allowed players to make runs with the effect active for a longer period of time, which the developers fixed. Now, in Season 10, a similar flaw has been discovered.

While playing as Octane, Twitch streamer iiTzTimmy used the Bocek Bow to hunt down an enemy player in Apex Legends. After that, he used the Stim ability once, which caused him to run straight through a Wraith portal.

He was able to use the Stim ability once more as he entered the portal before exiting. The player was shocked that he could double Stim while moving so quickly and said that he double-voiced, and that he was super-quick, resulting in him taking advantage of the situation and confessed that he had no idea what I did.”

While this was entertaining, it didn’t last long because iiTzTimmy was quickly eliminated. Regardless, the fact that another version of the Octane Stim glitch has been discovered in Season 10 is intriguing.

Many Apex Legends players were left wondering as to how this occurred and the new glitch appears to be far more complicated than the one from Season 6, and we expect Respawn to notice it soon.

This bug will most likely be fixed in a future update patch. Check out the most popular Apex Legends characters in Season 10 for more Apex Legends.