Popular streamer Tim Betar AKA TimTheTatman is well-known for his passion for first-person shooters and battle royale games. He made the internet go crazy in the fall of 2021 when he announced that he’d be switching from Twitch to YouTube Gaming, where he’d be joining the likes of DrLupo and Dr Disrespect and when he was asked why people watch him, the streamer claimed that it’s because he’s extremely relatable.

He isn’t a professional gamer, as evidenced by his streams, where he simply wants to have fun and do his best. He’s also very open about his personal life with the audience, which makes him even more relatable. He also often shared details of his diet plan and weight loss journey with his fans, as he has always been an open book with them. For years, he worked on his overall health and well-being, and the results have been stunning and his hard work and positive attitude have paid off in the following ways.

When he was in high school, he tragically struggled with anxiety and said that he was particularly concerned about his chest, and that would layer up on a daily basis to try to hide his self-proclaimed “nip anxiety.” He would go to extremes, at times wearing as many as three layers of clothing. He was so self-conscious at one point that he duct taped his chest.

TimTheTatman stated several times in an interview with GQ that his weight in high school was around 225 pounds and that he has always considered himself a “bigger guy.”

Unfortunately, many people can relate to being self-conscious about their bodies, including Tim’s viewers, who have shown their support for the streamer over the years. As a result, many viewers and professional gamers have been inspired by the streamer’s journey.

TimTheTatman’s anxiety and low self-esteem aren’t the only reasons he embarked on his transformation journey. He didn’t start it solely because he was self-conscious. In fact, Tim has stated several times that he wanted to lose weight for a completely different reason.

TimTheTatman’s noble motivation for making a lifestyle change

TimTheTatman explained that he initially wanted to lose weight after receiving a “wake-up call” from his doctor. He was diagnosed with high blood pressure when he was 28 years old and revealed to his audience in a video about his weight loss goals that his mother died at the age of 46, very early in his life, due to a variety of health issues and mentioned that if he didn’t make a change, he could see himself going in that direction.

He decided to get in shape after the birth of his son so that he wouldn’t have to worry about any potential issues that might take him away from his son and said that it’s not about looking good, and that it’s about health. He said several times that his mentality along with his love for his family, has remained his driving force.

TimTheTatman at the start of his adventure

He took to Twitter in 2019 to give a more literal and up-close look at his weight loss journey. He said he had lost about 45 pounds and was still making changes to support his new lifestyle, demonstrating the difference in side-by-side photos.

When asked about his daily routine at the time, he stated that he was eating around 1,500 calories per day and that he was not exercising.

TimTheTatman alaso shared a little more about his plan a few months later, and claimed to have tried a variety of strategies, including CrossFit classes and a variety of diets. While he did lose a lot of weight as a result of this, he knew he needed a more long-term routine that would work with his day-to-day streaming schedule. As a result, despite not seeing the same dramatic results as he had in the beginning, he made some changes that better suited his lifestyle.

TimTheTatman and the importance of making long-term lifestyle changes

TimTheTatman has experimented with a variety of methods in order to find the most effective way to stay healthy. He turned to intermittent fasting after realizing that many different diet plans weren’t working for him, which he discussed with GQ. He was trying intermittent fasting at the time to cut down on how much he ate per day. He combined it with exercise, but he eventually discovered something else that worked much better for him.

He began counting his calories, as he explained to viewers in the spring of 2021, and it turned out to be the right decision. This gave him more freedom to eat whatever he wanted while also allowing him to make informed decisions about where he spent his calories. He wasn’t working out at the time and was focused on dropping to 230 pounds, explaining that he didn’t want to be any lighter than he had been in high school.

While this method is clearly not for everyone — and some studies have found it to be ineffective — Tim seemed pleased with the results and how he felt.

TimTheTatman’s newest weight-loss strategy

He updated fans once more in August 2021, saying that he was close to being the same weight as he was as a freshman in college.

He also informed fans that he had decided to incorporate exercise into his routine, and that he now works out four times per week.

While sending out motivational messages to fans, he made it clear that this wasn’t some sort of quick-fix routine, and that it wasn’t to be taken lightly. He worked hard to put this plan together in order to keep himself healthy and happy while also making lifestyle changes. He also reminded the audience that he is still a human being. On Sunday afternoons, he has a cheat meal where he can “go ham” and enjoy himself.

TimTheTatman has completely changed his lifestyle in order to stay healthy for his family while still maintaining his streaming business. And, based on viewer feedback, his remarkable transformation has inspired many of his admirers to follow in his footsteps.