ItsJSTN started making a name for himself in the competitive Rocket League scene in February 2017. After coming second with his team at the Season 4 NA RLCS in 2017, he managed to land a spot on NRG Esports and he has been representing them ever since. Since then, he has established a loyal fanbase for himself thanks to his top-tier mechanical skills, consistently high tournament placements, consistency and chat interaction. Below, we have provided a detailed overview of the peripherals that have been chosen for ItsJstn’s gaming setup to highlight the specs that a pro needs to optimize his capabilities.



ItsJSTN uses an ASUS ROG Swift PG259QN monitor. The ASUS ROG Swift PG259QN’s claim to fame is that it was the world’s first gaming monitor that offers a maximum refresh rate of 360Hz at a response time of 1ms (gray-to-gray). It offers a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080p and has a 24.5″ LCD display. It also has a pixel pitch of 0.2830mm and provides a maximum brightness of 400 cd/㎡. Some of the useful technologies that it is integrated with include Nvidia G-SYNC to prevent screen tearing and stuttering, ASUS Visual Technology and its ASUS Eye Care to prevent eyestrain. Another big plus is its GamePlus hotkey that gives ItsJstn access to a slew of gaming-enhancing features, like its Crosshair feature, timers, and FPS counter, among others.

Furthermore, its stand has a variety of adjustment options, such as height adjustment that provides dimensions of 55.7 x (37.9~49.9) x 24.7cm (21.93 x (14.92~19.64) x 9.72″.) Other alterations include tilting between -5° ~ 20°, swiveling between -25° ~ 25°, and pivoting 90°. The monitor can also be dismounted for VESA-compatible wall mounting options. There is also a cable management hole at the back of the stand to help free up desk space.

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FinalMouse Ultralight Phantom

ItsJSTN uses a FinalMouse Ultralight Phantom mouse. The Ultralight Phantom is a wired gaming mouse that has a black aesthetic with white speckles and a blue scroll wheel and braided cable. Its honeycomb shell and lack of light bring its weight to just 67g (2.36oz.) It features a PMW3360 sensor that provides onboard DPI options of 400, 800, 1600 and 3200. These cannot be changed. It can track at a maximum speed of 250 IPS at a maximum acceleration of 50G. Although it has a symmetrical shape, its side buttons are located on the right thumb side, making it more suited to right-handed users. It measures 17.5 x 11.9 x 6.6cm (‎6.9 x 4.7 x 2.6”.)

Unfortunately, the Ultralight Phantom has been discontinued, so where it is available is at an astronomical price.

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ROCCAT Vulcan 100 AIMO

ItsJSTN uses a ROCCAT Vulcan 100 AIMO keyboard. The ROCCAT Vulcan 100 AIMO is a wired, full-sized mechanical keyboard that is designed to be dust resistant and sturdy. It is constructed with an anodized aluminum top plate that is soldered with ROCCAT Titan Brown switches and those are then topped with specially designed ABS keycaps. The switches actuate at 1.8mm for a total travel distance of 3.6mm and provide a tactile feedback.

Both its per-key AIMO RGB lighting and macro profiles can be through its ROCCAT Swarm software, but only one at a time can be stored onboard at once. However, there is a dedicated set of mixer-style media keys and wheel on its top right corner. It is intended to be used with Windows PC devices, but it can also be used with Macs, albeit it unofficially.

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Shure SM7B microphone

ItsJSTN uses a Shure SM7B microphone. The Shure SM7B is one of the most, if not the most, popular microphones among Twitch streamers. For instance, some other users include Mews, Kaypea and Fl0m. It is built from a strong metal for durability and has a cardioid polar pattern that inputs at a side address. It features an internal pop-filter and shock-mount. The former helps to reduce interference from plosive sounds, while the latter stifles noises caused by table bumps and similar. It also comes with an external, removable windshield and locking yoke mount.

It offers a frequency response range of 50 – 20,000Hz at a nominal impedance of 150Ω and a sensitivity of -59 dBV/Pa. The presence boost & high-pass filter switch on its base that can be concealed by means of the base cover that it comes with. It does not need phantom power, but it does connect with an XLR cable, so a compatible audio interface will also be required.

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TC-Helicon GoXLR mixer

ItsJSTN uses a TC Helicon GoXLR mixer. Unsurprisingly, ItsJSTN’s gaming setup has another popular piece of equipment that is also often paired with the Shure SM7B in broadcasting setups. This audio interface is capable of inputting one microphone, one headphone and one instrument at a time. The microphone connector options are only for an XLR connector and one TS/TRS/TRRS microphone jack. There is no USB option. The left side of the device provides four channels which each have their own dedicated volume slider and mute button. These channels are for Mic, Chat, Music and System.

The right side is then split into three parts. The upper part has preset vocal effects options such as Reverb, Robot and Gender Bender, but also allows for more settings to be made through its software. The lower part has a voice sampler on the left and a damage control section on the right. The damage control section comprises of a press-to-mut button and bleep button, while the sampler can be programmed with on-the-fly effects to liven up live recordings.

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