Thomas “Sykkuno,” a well-known American YouTube streamer, recently used his channel to discuss relationships. Thomas, while being currently single, had a lot to contribute to the issues with being in a relationship on stream.

Thomas revealed to fellow YouTuber Masayoshi that streaming couples frequently experience issues that non-streaming couples do not. He used the example of real-life streamer pair Wendy “Natsumiii” and Abe “BaboAbe,” who both recently got married, to further support his claim. Sykkuno emphasized the scheduling issues the aforementioned pair frequently have as a result of their individual streaming schedules. Thomas acknowledged, though, that given his current “singlehood,” he might not fully comprehend the ins and outs of a relationship. He stated: “I just don’t know what’s it like”

Sykkuno claimed that his views on relationships are very basic in a recently uploaded stream. He said that spouses should have unrestricted access to one another, but meeting a partner is trickier than it seems. 

Sykkuno said; “You know this problem I have, I always think when like, there’s a couple in a relationship they can just…like, I do the sam thing to Abe, where I’ll be like, ‘Abe, can’t you just go get Wendy?’, and they’ll be like, ‘No.’ Is it just cause I just don’t know what it’s like to be in a (relationship)? I mean I just feel like I just don’t know what it’s like to be in a relationship cause every relationship I know, like, Abe and Wendy are just like, ‘Hey, yeah, like we can’t just go get each other,’ and I’m like, ‘You can’t?’… I guess I just don’t know what it’s like, guess I wouldn’t really know what it’s like.”