Players of Overwatch know the experience of having a teammate whom they thought could be an AI due to its bad gameplay but one streamer recently matched against a literal bot during his ranked game.

Ranked games in Overwatch are where players show their skills and climb the ladder up to Grand Master to Top 500 but doing so, grinding the game is a must but it still depends on your opponents and you can sometimes get a free win every once in a while.

On August 24th, Twitch streamer HashHash was playing and streaming Apex Legends with his group when suddenly, they found themselves matched against an AI-controlled opponent in a Platinum game.

HashHash and his team are surprised and stunned after no one shows up to attack while they are defending Hakamura. He wondered where his opponents could be and when their opponents showed up, all of them were moving in a bizarre way and completely unnatural. HashHash shouted that they are all AI and could’t believe to see one.

He then gasped and said that all their opponents were playing at once. Sadly, he and his team encountered some of the players to leave the game causing the round to end soon.

Many are surprised to see bots running around Apex Legends especially in ranked games. MAny hope that they will not encounter one day because seeing one and playing one will definitely ruin their experience and not enjoy the game.