A space heater erupted in the background before the connection abruptly cut, and a well-known Twitch streamer by the name of DuckBoxing ended the stream with a disconnect.

There have been many bizarre events because Twitch streamers broadcast their reactions, gaming, and more to a live audience throughout the years, but heater explosions in front of viewers are unusual.

DuckBoxing was using the Just Chatting feature of Twitch on November 15th to interact with his viewers when a little space heater behind him started sparking and eventually burst, cutting the livestream short. DuckBoxing is known for playing games like Vampire Survivors, Barbie Dreamhouse Party, Super Mario 64, and Undertale in addition to the Twitch Just Chatting section, which he frequently streams, to offer a diverse selection of entertainment for his audience.

Since the explosion caused by the space heater, DuckBoxing has assured his audience that he is well and has since returned to Twitch to carry on with his broadcasts as usual.

Leaning back in his chair and responding to a tipping community member in chat, DuckBoxing starts the famous Twitch video of his space heater mishap. DuckBoxing promised a viewer that he’d go on the website and at this precise moment, the space heater started sparking, all while making reference to the “crazy stuff” that Amazon offers in its enormous inventory. DuckBoxing and his audience were alerted to the sparks flying from the small unit behind him by a small light flickering in the background of the Just Chatting stream.

As he turns around to address the issue, the Twitch disconnect screen replaces the broadcast as it has with so many others while some viewers waited in disbelief. The popular livestreamer lost electricity throughout the house as a result of the accident, which might have led to additional damage like the grease fire started by another Twitch broadcaster earlier this year, and the explosion of the space heater didn’t only stop the DuckBoxing livestream. DuckBoxing’s livestream was cut short, but he soon assured his audience that he was fine, and in a show of commitment, he resumed streaming the same evening.

It is currently unknown what caused the space heater to blow up on the specific November 15 stream because DuckBoxing has conducted numerous streams while using it to keep his streaming setup warm, and nothing appeared to fall into the element. 

While the majority of the Twitch community has expressed gratitude for the livestreamer’s safety following the space heater explosion, one user applauded the RCD protection, which might have prevented further harm. After witnessing the clip, other Twitch viewers enquired about the space heater disaster, with one saying they would never use theirs again.