Ryan “Chap” Chaplo, a former professional Fortnite player, claims that Twitch has taken a significant amount of money from his channel and disabled adverts on it.

The streamer claims that when he contacted his partner manager, he was informed that Twitch was looking into the matter since his account had been marked for fraud. 

After playing professionally for Team Liquid and Cloud 9, Chap was released from Cloud 9 and began concentrating on his streaming career. Chap does have a fairly well-known Twitch account with over a million subscribers, and he has been doing well streaming the first-person shooter The Cycle: Frontier rather than Fortnite. Chap was surprised to learn that Twitch has stopped ads on his channel due to fraud claims despite having a sizable subscriber base. 

Through a Twitlonger tweet on his official Twitter account, Chap made the information public. The streaming service took a significant chunk of his pending balance from his account and disabled adverts on his channel for 90 days. He claimed that he made the information public because he believed Twitch was not being honest about the problem and because he believed it to be the only way to have the problem rectified. Twitch allegedly refused to disclose the reason why he was being punished and claimed that his only option was to file an appeal for the unspecified infraction.

Given Twitch’s history of being ambiguous on bans and other penalties, this is not surprising.

It’s obvious that Chap thinks this is a significant issue. Since Twitch is his main source of money, it is undoubtedly frustrating and stressful for him to have that revenue suspended for no obvious reason on Twitch’s end. Even if there might be a good cause for Twitter’s actions, Chap has claimed that he has a pristine record on the website for the past four years. This stands in stark contrast to justifiable bans like Twitch’s expulsion of contentious streamer ClawOnTwitch. Particularly when substantial sums of money are at stake, it seems ludicrous that Twitch would take such severe measures and withhold information from the person being penalized. With numerous well-known Twitch streamers switching to YouTube, Twitch would be wise to start being more open and helpful with major streamers on the platform in order to prevent losing additional streams to rivals.

Whatever the outcome of this issue with Chap, it will probably make other streamers more hesitant to rely solely on Twitch as their major source of income.