Two months have passed since Twitch star Maya Higa quit streaming after she denied pressuring AdrianahLee to conceal her claimed sexual assault incident with CrazySlick. She returned on November 16th after taking a much-needed hiatus from the public eye.

It was a happy occasion for her supporters, who thought the conservationist had it tough compared to others because the extent of her engagement paled in comparison to others who hadn’t faced the consequences. She didn’t want to return at all at first as she stated; “To be completely transparent, I just did not want to [come back on Twitch] at all. It wasn’t me just deciding, ‘Do I want to come back or do I not want to come back?’ It was me just exploring other models for how I could make Alveus Sanctuary work without Twitch and without being online myself.”

Maya actively investigated offline models as a result because, at the end of the day, streaming isn’t what she is passionate about. She wanted to figure out how to make conservation education function on its own. She said; “I never started streaming with the intention of becoming a streamer. I don’t feel like I was made for this. Like, this career, this industry, or being in the public eye… What I do feel like I’m made for is conservation education.”

She realized there was no other option. Certainly not one that was as long-term trustworthy and effective. She had to keep streaming if she wanted Alveus Sanctuary to survive. She added; “I don’t think that Alveus Sanctuary will be able to sustain what it has grown into without me coming back. There are so many things that people can learn about just because I stream and because I teach you about it, and that’s not something that I was willing to let go of or was ready to let go of. I believe in the model, and I want to see it through.”

Maya realized it and made the decision to go back to Twitch. She did, however, affirm that significant adjustments will be made to her work going ahead. Even though she still plans to stream four days a week, two of those days will be set aside for in-person streams on Alveus Sanctuary with an emphasis on conservation education rather than her typical entertaining. However, her fans will still be happy to hear that because it means their favorite Twitch star is back in the game and will be doing more of what she enjoys than before.