Chance Morris AKA Sodapoppin recently discussed his regrets with viewers during a live stream. He ought to have agreed to one of the questionable deals Microsoft offered to switch to the Mixer platform, but because he upheld his moral standards and remained devoted to his Twitch audience, he lost out on the chance to be acquired for a sizable sum of money.

In a livestream from OTK on August 11th, where the PCs are now being assembled, Sodapoppin said he didn’t do a Mixer deal like Twitch streamers Shroud and Ninja did in 2019

As Sodapoppin notes, there was a ridiculous circumstance. With Mixer, Microsoft intended to attack Twitch. They procured Superstars from Twitch Ninja and Shroud for this purpose, and they provided them with multi-year contracts. These contracts were successfully concluded, as you can hear.

For two to three years, there were discussions regarding 20 to 30 million US dollars, because Twitch subscribers and deals, which streamers acquired during their time on Mixer, allowed them to earn a very high income from the platform.

In order to promote Mixer, the entire Xbox, and Game Pass, Microsoft reportedly intended to use Ninjas and Shroud as brand ambassadors. The little Mixer streamers are doomed to failure while Ninja and Shroud are making tons of money.

When the two streamers switched, it was obvious that Mixer had failed. In the end, Microsoft removed RipRecord and stopped developing Mixer. Then Mixer joined Facebook Gaming’s streaming platform. 

Shroud and Ninja cashed out on their absurdly expensive contracts and went back to Twitch, despite reports that Facebook tried to increase their contracts so they could stream on the social network.

Therefore, it was ideal for Ninja and Shroud because they had plenty of money and were exempt from fulfilling their contract.

Microsoft’s mistakes have all benefited Ninjas and Shroud.

Sodapoppin didn’t want to sell himself and didn’t want to let his devoted Twitch fans down. He wouldn’t have sold himself; instead, he would have rented it out for a hefty sum of money for a brief time.

Which Twitch streamers Microsoft has offered such a significant deal to is still unknown. However, it appears that Sodapoppin was one of the selected few. Dr. Aadar, who is still irate over not accepting the money, is another person Mixer is said to have spoken to.