Felix Lengyel aka xQc, a popular Twitch streamer, has streamed more in the Just Chatting and Slots categories in 2022 than ever before. Fans have complained that his content has gotten worse, but he doesn’t care.

So far in 2022, the French-Canadian streamer has broadcast them for 685 hours and 175 hours, respectively. He streamed the categories for 800 and 50 hours in 2021 as a point of reference.

His momentum and popularity have not been affected by it, but despite some criticism, these decisions have made him the most talked-about streamer on the Amazon-owned platform.

On August 14, the pattern persisted during his stream. Although they used a play on his name to say it, a fan stated in an audible donation message that they miss the old xQc.

The juicer warlord was unimpressed. Fans of xQc were a little shocked by his harsh response.

Despite how unflappable he may appear to be, he was clearly offended by the comments, possibly as a result of his recent gambling exploits.