HasanAbi, a Twitch streamer, offered his opinion on how fellow streamer xQc might have been able to avoid the majority of the controversy surrounding his breakup with Adept.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, a well-known Twitch broadcaster, has recently been involved in drama following his absence from QTCinderella’s Shitcamp 2022 event and his now-public breakup with fellow streamer Adept. Before citing his separation as the cause of his absence from Shitcamp 2022, streamers like Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker publicly criticized xQc for abruptly “bailing” on the gathering. 

Now that xQc and Adept have broken up, Hasan has come forward to discuss how he thinks xQc might have avoided the controversy he currently finds himself in. 

In a recent broadcast, Hasan said that in hindsight, he believed xQc should have handled the circumstance better. Speaking hypothetically, Hasan said, “We’re now in a different universe where xQc says ‘Hey, my bad for not showing up last second. I had some f*cking family issues going on.” 

Hasan goes on to say that by doing this, the streamer would have been understood by his fellow streamers without even having to disclose that he and Adept broke up. “Everyone is understanding. Everyone says ‘Aw man, that sucks. That’s so sad. We understand. We love you. xqcL’” 

Hasan says that if he had handled the problem in a different way, xQc and many other creators, including himself, could have avoided a great deal of drama. “A universe where I’m not like, ‘Yo that’s really f*cked up that you didn’t show up last second and then literally said ‘Oh I’m not showing up because…’ He was rushing to find any reason whatsoever, and he chose the worst possible reason.”

Hasan then quoted and supported a chat statement that stated xQc would have received the same treatment as other streams who declined to participate in the event. “Exactly. None of this drama would have f*cking happened. None of this would have happened. He wouldn’t have had to come out and defend himself by openly stating that he and Adept have broken up…”