During a recent live broadcast when a viewer demands the Twitch star Shroud to stream some World of Warcraft content, the legendary Twitch streamer Michael Grzesiek aka Shroud gave his brutally honest response.

Despite the fact that the former CS:GO pro is better recognized for his FPS ability, Shroud’s love for WoW isn’t exactly a secret at this point. His passion for World of Warcraft Classic led him to spend $13,000 on a private plane to ensure he didn’t miss his raid. Plus, he was fine with losing viewers and money by streaming the game back in 2019. But it seems like it all changed.

On his September 17th live broadcast while watching the Valoran Masters Berlin and talking to his viewers, Shroud went on to mention that he had a WoW raid later that day and wouldn’t be streaming it causing some viewers to get angry.

Shortly after, a viewer begged the streamer to stream WoW. Without missing a beat, Shroud immediately responds stating that World of Warcraft doesn’t deserve his stream. He then continued saying that he would still continue to play WoW but he wasn’t going to stream it. Here’s what he said; “WoW doesn’t deserve my stream. I’ll continue to play WoW, but it does not deserve my stream. That’s it, it’s that simple.”

Shroud’s decision comes in the midst of a lot of debate about how the game is handled, with recent patches being criticized. Members of the community, such as Asmongold, have mocked the devs’ decision to desexualize paintings of women.

Regardless, this doesn’t mean that Twitch star Shroud is not interested in streaming MMOs. He stated that he still intends to play rival MMO New World when it launches, praising it as a “unique” experience “made for individuals who don’t enjoy MMOs.” Hopefully, WoW will return to shape in the future, and Shroud will be able to stream the Blizzard title once more, but don’t expect to see shroud raiding anytime soon.