NatyMoon, a Twitch streamer, had a shootout break up her ASMR stream directly outside her house.

We have witnessed an increasing number of strange and occasionally even frightening events unfold live on camera as the streaming audience continues to expand. NatyMoon, an Amazon-owned Twitch streamer, currently has over 138k followers on the website. Fans of the Colombian streamer can typically count on tuning into her nightly ASMR sessions, when she attempts to unwind and de-stress with her audience.

Although a recent live stream was abruptly stopped when things started to go south because of gunshots outside the streamer’s house. Four hours into NatyMoon’s show, numerous gunshots could be heard outside, causing the Colombian streamer to be abruptly cut off. 

12 rounds were fired in quick succession, one after the other, in a matter of seconds. The streamer said, “What the f**k,” and then quickly muted her microphone. After a few more seconds, the streamer, who had a panicked expression on her face, shut off her camera and changed to a different scene, leaving her followers in the dark. 

Fans soon started inundating the chat with messages expressing their concerns and perplexity about what was happening, and there were close to a thousand viewers at the moment.