After describing the lack of catch-up mechanics, Twitch star Michael Grzesiek aka Shroud advised casual New World MMO players to “stay away from the game,” saying, “I don’t think you’ll ever make it to the end.”

Shroud, one of the most popular streamer on Twitch and former Counter-Strike pro, recently stated why he thinks casual New World MMO gamers should “stay away,” from the game, citing the game’s lack of catch-up mechanics. This comes after tens of thousands of would-be adventurers waited out in long lines to play Amazon’s MMO launch. 

Shroud highlighted the difficulties that casual New World players would have if they were ill-prepared to devote several hours to the game each day as he stated during his September 29th stream. 

Here’s what he says; “For those that just don’t have the time, I would just say stay away from the game. If you don’t have the time, just don’t play. If you can only play this game for like an hour a day. I don’t think you’ll ever make it to the end.” 

According to Shroud, Amazon’s debut MMO lacked a proper mechanic to allow players to catch up as he added; “You’ll never get max level. You’ll eventually get max level but you’ll always be playing catch up because, by the time you get max level, there’s going to be new content for a new zone, with new gear,”

He thinks the game’s developers should implement a catch-up system, but until then, casual MMO players will be stuck playing catch-up. 

Shroud undoubtedly has a point, especially given the game’s popularity. Because tens of thousands of players queued for hours to get into the game at launch, casual players will always behind the group of “hardcore” New World players. 

After the game’s troubled debut, Amazon Games announced that it will provide a free once-off server relocation for New World, however this does not address or compensate for the lack of catch-up mechanics.