MrBeast recently provided a sneak peek at his celebration plans for the incredible achievement of reaching 100 million subscribers.

On July 28, MrBeast became the second YouTuber ever to reach 100 million subscribers, becoming the first to do so was PewDiePie. He revealed a little about his celebration plans during the countdown to the moment he passed 100 million subscribers, including teasing one of his craziest videos to date.

He gave his viewers a preview of what was to come while streaming on his additional YouTube channel MrBeast 2 just before he reached the milestone, and said that the video was just recently shot and could be uploaded as soon as August 5.

He called the video “crazy,” but he also called it “a good video,” and he really wished he could have uploaded it at the same time he reached the 100 million subscriber mark. Unfortunately for him, there wasn’t enough time to record and edit the video in order to release it in time.

Nevertheless, the King of YouTube guaranteed that it would be a “banger” and fully deserving of the amazing accomplishment.