After their attempt to fly with Braviary ended in an epic disaster, a Twitch streamer’s Pokemon Legends Arceus livestream was halted.

Game Freak’s most ambitious project to date is Pokemon Legends Arceus. Despite the fact that it is set in ancient Sinnoh, the Diamond & Pearl origin story is chock-full of modern touches, such as the all-new Noble Pokemon mounts.

The attempt of a Twitch streamer to master Hisuian Braviary’s flight mechanic failed spectacularly. The player’s first attempt to fly through the air was foiled by the RPG’s menu system, resulting in a crash to the ground.

Players are eventually given a flying mount if they have progressed far enough in the story. Trainers can use the Celestica Flute to summon Hisuian Braviary to take flight over the Hisui region’s skies.

The moment they ran into a major hiccup was live streamed by Twitch streamer ‘pokemondanxd’ after the game’s menu system prevented them from calling on the Psychic-type bird after they had already jumped off a cliff.

In an attempt to get to Braviary, the streamer’s character frantically cycled through the other Noble Pokemon mounts as they plummeted to the ground. After being knocked out and smashing into the floor, the player was in a state of shock.

However, the Twitch streamer shouldn’t be too concerned because it’s a common blunder that any Trainer can make. Given the three other mounts in your inventory, it can be difficult to manually select your Braviary if you miss the A button prompt.

The “Lost & Found” feature in Pokemon Legends Arceus is a good way to avoid making mistakes like these. Because the online mechanic allows other players to pick up the items you drop when you’re knocked out, the flying snafu is less painful.