The Apex Legends player Phillip Dosen AKA ImperialHal was swatted live on his Twitch stream once more. On July 30, while he was streaming a ranked match, police officers raided the home of a TSM pro, ordering him to stop immediately.

In the world of streaming, swattings—in which enraged viewers assert that the streamer’s home is the scene of a hostage situation or other grave offenses—have become a very dangerous trend. As a result, the streamers’ homes are raided by the police, who may handcuff them or even start firing.

ImperialHal experienced yet another swatting on July 30. The professional Apex Legends player has previously been the target of two separate attacks. However, compared to earlier raids, this one was especially tranquil.

A police officer walks into his room as he and his squad are in the middle of a competitive game. There are no words, just a resounding knock before entry and a tap on the shoulder that follows.

With alarm at the unexpected visitor in his room, ImperialHal jumps. The streamer quickly realizes what is happening and ends the stream in silence. Nothing spoke or explained; just a quick departure.

In-game chaos occurs as the swatting is going on. Verhulst, a teammate of ImperialHal, makes an effort to speak with the player while he is hiding behind some boxes. But a hail of gunfire abruptly ends Verhulst’s speech.

After a brief pause, ImperialHal returns and informs his teammates and Twitch chat about what just happened. Even though he’s a little reserved, ImperialHal keeps talking. However, ImperialHal kept the show going by lining up for more Apex Legends rather than calling it a day.