In a recent Twitch stream, Shroud stated his desire for Bungie to balance Destiny 2 for PvP and that he thought they ought to have a distinct PvP team.

For Destiny 2, Lightfall has been quite the rollercoaster, with many things changing both within and outside of the game. The Final Shape marks the end of the entire Light and Dark saga, with Lightfall serving as the second-to-last expansion. As a result, many people have returned to the game in an effort to catch up on the plot and see how it ends for themselves. Twitch star Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek was one of the gamers to board the Destiny train once more. Recently, Shroud has been streaming a large amount of Destiny 2, even going so far as to finish the Lightfall campaign on Legendary difficulty. 

Shroud has undoubtedly gone to the Crucible to show off for the Destiny 2 player community as the FPS god he is known for. He has spent some time in there and has proposed a solution to the PvP balancing problems in Destiny. When asked on stream why “they (Bungie) don’t rebalance this game for PvP and then just have one class or no classes or whatever,” Shroud said that he is perplexed. PvP mains in Destiny 2 feel abandoned as Bungie shifts its attention to the game’s story and PvE aspects, and The Crucible has been in a bad state for a while.

He added; “they should rebalance this whole game and just have an actual PvP team, not just a PvE team that does PvP for fun.”

PvE and PvP balancing has always been a delicate act for Bungie. It makes sense that Bungie can’t support both game modes at once given the huge volume of weaponry and advantages in the game. A PvP-focused Destiny 2 streamer named Benjjjyy discussed how they disagree with Shroud’s suggestion and how the game’s balancing is conflicted. They clarified that the fundamental nature of the game itself is essentially what makes Destiny 2 difficult to balance in terms of both PvE and PvP. Because eliminating the diversity of subclasses, weapons, and abilities would completely steal the game’s identity and eliminate everything that made it special.

Shroud will only be in Destiny 2 for a short time, as he intends to leave after the Day 1 Raid Race of the Root of Nightmares, despite having ideas for the PvP in Destiny 2. It’s unclear what Bungie’s plans are for Destiny 2’s PvP, but it’s likely that Shroud will return to the game’s PvP in the future in a very different form.