A well-known Twitch streamer named Zastela recently revealed that she has been kicked out of Adept’s Twitch chat. Their participation in an online dating program that included Felix “xQc,” who also happens to be Adept’s ex-partner, is thought to be the cause of the ban.

It’s interesting to note that xQc and Adept have been openly fighting for the previous few months since their divorce. Even filing a lawsuit against the Canadian is too far for Adept. Their tense relationship may have been made worse by the recent incident that resulted in Zastela’s ban from Adept’s Twitch chat. 

On the most recent episode of the well-known online dating program Love or Host, hosted by AustinShow, xQc participated as a contestant. Zastela was one of 11 women competing for Felix’s “love” in this episode, however she was finally ousted by xQc, and Twitch streamer ExtraEmily took home the prize. As previously reported, Zastela recently disclosed that Adept’s Twitch chat had banned her. The precise cause of the ban is unknown, however it is assumed to be connected to the Twitch streamer’s involvement in the xQc-starring Love or Host episode, which may have displeased Adept given their previous relationship.

Zastela was open about being disappointed by xQc’s decision to remove her from the competition: “I showed love guys, only love. But my heart is broken.” 

Zastela expressed her perplexity after a viewer pointed out that she had been banned from Adept’s chat. Added her: “I know she banned me. I’m sad. I was a long-time viewer of hers, so I don’t know what I did besides get rejected by xQc. I mean, I guess she didn’t like me.”