Following backlash from the streaming community over his sexist comments during his stream, Greekgodx erupted onto Twitch once more.

Greekgodx has persisted in upsetting people with his contentious claims after being briefly removed from the platform. Everything came to a head on July 8th when he unexpectedly appeared on Twitch star xQc‘s livestream. The two then engaged in a contentious 90-minute argument during which they traded insults and argued over difficult issues.

Greekgodx unexpectedly called xQc on Discord as he was livestreaming, and the discussion got underway. He issued a warning that he would immediately cut off the call if his fellow streamer used “bait.” He reacted angrily, and the two got into a heated argument that the viewers of xQc would go crazy for.

The two got into a fight over a number of complex and divisive issues, including the unhealthy lifestyle of streamers, for which Greek called xQc a waste of f**king genetics. Additionally, he chastised him for spending all day in his room and exhorted him to take a cold shower, but xQc didn’t just stand there; he quickly responded, telling him that he shouldn’t discuss discipline with him. Even when things were simple, he still managed to screw everything up.

Greekgodx said that xQc should be out living his life after having such a successful career on Twitch and having made so much money through streaming at one point during the heated call, and suggested that one way xQc might accomplish this would be to buy a boat with his millions. Later, he added that xQc should “build” one himself if he didn’t want to buy one.

Greekgodx and a fellow creator have engaged in heated debates following their bans before. The debate was eventually concluded by xQc and Greekgodx, much to the relief of xQc’s viewers, but it’s possible that Greek won’t be silent for long.