After learning of criticism from Twitch broadcaster Mizkif following the company’s layoffs, 100 Thieves CEO Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag showed his dissatisfaction. A lot of viewers came to Nadeshot’s stream to inform him about Miz’s comments.

As the economy became more difficult to navigate in January 2023, 100 Thieves followed in the footsteps of many other prominent esports organizations and let go of a number of its employees at all different levels of the company. Yet, considering the scale and popularity of 100 Thieves, their layoffs were a major focus for many criticizing what had transpired. Mizkif was one of them, claiming that 100 Thieves “doesn’t know how to employ its creators” in a now-deleted Twitch Video, according to others in the Twitch chat who told Nadeshot.

Nadeshot responded to the criticism in the most recent edition of his podcast, Nadeshot Knows, directing more of his annoyances towards Twitch culture than at Mizkif. 

He mentioned his Modern Warfare 2 ranked streams and stated, “Somebody was trying to deflate my fun yesterday. I’m just minding my own business then all of a sudden I’ve got first-time viewers, and apparently Mizkif was poking and making fun of 100 Thieves in some capacity, saying we don’t utilize our creators correctly. I don’t know the full story, I’ve not gone back and looked at the clips … I don’t think Mizkif’s in a position to tell us how to run a business. At the end of the day, aside from all the drama that Mizkif has been involved in, I f**k with Mizkif. He’s been over the content house, I’ve got no problems with him. I didn’t want to have too harsh of an opinion before I knew what he was saying, but I told all these f**king kids, ‘Listen, if you guys want to go jerk off to a Just Chatting streamer, that’s your prerogative, don’t bring it on my front door. I just hate so much of what Twitch has become. It’s everything that I was running away from high school. Every day, there’s some Twitch high school cafeteria bulls**t.”

It goes without saying that Nadeshot has more of a problem with the current Twitch culture and the fighting between creators than he does with Mizkif in particular, whom he confesses he hasn’t bothered to watch the clips of. Nadeshot has been enjoying great success with his MW2 streams, averaging over 5k viewers and frequently pushing around 10-15k or more during a successful stream. He has also managed to avoid any creator drama or controversy for the majority of his career, and it appears that he intends to keep it that way.