For the second time, speedrunner Distortion2 shattered the Elden Ring record, this time beating the game in just under 20 minutes.

Only weeks after the game’s release, Twitch streamer and speedrunner Distortion2 made his mark on FromSoftware’s Elden Ring, finishing the first 50-minute complete run and setting the first benchmark for Elden Ring speedruns. However, Distortion’s record was quickly shattered when Hazeblade overtook the throne with a 25-minute run.

Distortion2 grinded Elden Ring on a March 27 stream, implementing new well-known skips in an attempt to reclaim the quickest time-to-completion possible. After more than 15 hours of running, the streamer finally broke the record with an incredible 18:58 run.

Distortion2 sped through Limbgrave and completely skipped over Stromfront Castle and the Lucaria Academy in the viewable VOD. With all of the skips taken care of, the streamer was left with only Maliketh, Radagon, and the Elden Beast to face, one-shotting each boss on the first try. Distortion2 couldn’t believe what he had accomplished in his final run of the night, reaching the credits far faster than the previous fastest time.

Distortion2 thanked his community for their support throughout the entire stream and countless attempts after his record-breaking run, posting the official run time of all sections of the speedrun route. Distortion2’s exact run was achieved in a previous patch of the game, Patch 1.02, as recent updates are likely to make Distortion2’s exact run significantly more difficult.