As he was seen teaming up with his friends, Twitch streamer Thomas “Sykkuno” continued to play and master his gaming skills for Fortnite. He teamed up with Imane “Pokimane,” Rachell “Valkyrae,” and Buddha to practice for the upcoming Fortnite tournament.

During an in-game conversation with Valkyrae, Sykkuno revealed one of his amusing ways of saving money during his college years. He talked about how he used to leave his PC on all the time and put the graphics card into overdrive mode, which served as a free heater for his room.

During one of his most recent streams, the content creator played Fortnite with his streaming buddies. Valkyrae initiated a light conversation with Sykkuno as he entered the competitive world of the game by asking how the weather was at his location.

Valkyrae was taken aback by Valkyrae’s question, but after hearing what the streamer had to say, she let out a small laugh. Sykkuno continued to discuss his predicament.

Valkyrae asked if his room gets too cold due to the lack of natural sunlight after he understood what the streamer was trying to say. To respond to Valkyrae’s intriguing query.

After that, he iterates his amusing method of saving money through an unconventional method. The influencer concluded by stating that he used to do this in college before his streaming career took off, as a hilarious way of saving money.

In the YouTube comment section, the audience stated that this method of saving money is counter-intuitive and unlikely to work. Several people stated that they had used this method to save money.

Some of the fan reactions suggested that the streamer’s advice to save money was meant as a sarcastic remark and that it would not work in general.