During a recent stream content creator chell, let her dog play Rocket League with her, and the results are, to say the least, interesting.

Rocket League isn’t a new game, having been released in July of last year. However, it continues to be one of the more popular titles in eSports despite being over 6 years old. The professional scene for the game is impressive to watch, with an insanely high skill ceiling that pushes players to continue learning new mechanics in order to improve.

There are a number of talented streamers who play the game in a more relaxed atmosphere, despite the extremely high level of skill displayed in Rocket League tournaments, such as the RLCS (Rocket League Championship Series) events.

A streamer known as chell is one of those who has gained a following playing Rocket League. When she decided to let her dog take a turn behind the wheel recently, she was able to get some very unique content.

On the 7th of February, a strange series of events began during a stream. A Twitch viewer suggested that the streamer play Rocket League with her dog Apollo, which she did. Chell took a break from playing the game and gave her dog the controller after deciding to give it a try. With the gamepad in its mouth and a pair of headphones on the streamer’s head, it’s amazing how the dog took the gamepad.

Chell decided to see what kind of skills Apollo had after getting ready. She walked into the Free Play area and waited for her dog to score a goal. For many people who were watching the stream, what happened next was undoubtedly unexpected. Octane drove at the ball and knocked it into the goal while Apollo was still holding the controller in its mouth. As Chell rewarded the dog with a lot of attention, it was unsurprising that he gave him a lot of praise.

Despite the fact that the dog was probably aided in scoring the goal by the streamer, people took to Twitter to praise the video. Many fans and dog lovers have noticed Apollo’s goal since it was shared on social media.

Many people enjoyed watching the dog attempt to play Rocket League, with over 68.3K views and 4,600 likes. V1 Krissy said, “I hope you know this made your day.” Many other pet owners who watched the video shared this sentiment, and I’m sure many others did as well.

Surprisingly, this is far from the only recent video game clip involving animals. Another gamer had a pair of pet birds who took an interest in gaming in addition to this dog who was playing Rocket League. They even decided to perch on the player’s wired PS4 controller because they liked it so much.