Popular Twitch streamer Imane Anys AKA Pokimane has succeeded! All of the sexist and slandering attacks on her have failed. In Valorant, the Twitch streamer is now an Immortal.

Pokimane is well-known for her gaming streams. While she had already achieved Diamond rank three times in Valorant, she leveled up a little more this time to earn the Immortal tag.

What’s the difference between an Immortal and a Diamond? A Diamond tag indicates that you are one of the top 1.5 percent of Valorant players on the planet, whereas Immortal indicates that you are among the top 0.5 percent.

Pokimane has faced a lot of backlash, sexism, and trolls as a female competitive gamer, but she has overcome the odds to become one of the best in the game.

The streamer took to Twitter to share the news with her fans and express her delight. Pokimane struck Immortal in Episode 3 Act 2 and tweeted: “After three acts as a Diamond, I’ve finally reached Immortal! I am ecstatically happy and proud of myself.”

She said that it takes all of her willpower not to engage in debate with people who are attempting to discredit her, but she said whatever she is enjoying it.

Pokimane also provided some helpful pointers for newcomers looking to improve their Valorant skills.

Aim training, mastering multiple agents in different rules, prioritizing communication, mastering eco, and maintaining high team morale are just a few of the suggestions in the tips and tricks.

The ‘Radiant’ rank is the last to be conquered by Pokimane. Let’s see if the streamer is able to accomplish this.

Will she succeed? But, for now, leave us your ‘thoughts’ in the comments.