Some viewers accused Asmongold of being “entitled” for suggesting that the New World developers implement a “creator program” to assist Twitch streamers in securing character names.

Following its release on September 28th, New World’s popularity has skyrocketed. However, some servers have been difficult to get on. Some players have been waiting for hours in lines, prompting the developers to release more.

However, that isn’t the only issue that players face. Character names are also global, according to the developers. In other words, even if it’s on a different server, the same name can’t be used twice. Twitch streamers are also affected.

Asmongold had to settle for a ‘X’ at the end after failing to lock in his own name. It’s something that MMORPG players have done for a long time. He does believe, however, that the developers should make an exception.

“I believe that companies and streamers alike require a creator program,” he stated.

“In the creator program, they come up with a name that both the developer and the creator agree on, and that name will be the name of the creator in the game.”

He believes it will not only “increase accountability” for the streamer, but it will also deter people from impersonating streamers and attempting to sell their names.

The reactions to Asmongold’s remarks were mixed. Some viewers wondered if he was “on crack” for having such a “entitled” point of view. However, he went back on his word and explained why he thinks it’s a good idea.

In any case, the developers praised their launch day as “phenomenal,” but asked players to be patient as they worked to resolve login queues and server issues.

But it’s unclear whether they’ll do anything about the character names.