A popular Twitch streamer and blogger Ilya Davydov Maddyson revealed his future ambitions for making money via streaming.

Maddyson said that those who say he’s used to doing nothing in exchange for money are completely correct. He added that he is always wondering if the people who write stuff are generally insane.

He had 700-800 subscribers when he didn’t stream at all, scored, or drank for weeks or months. This is now the equivalent of $5,000. And, in order to maintain 5,000 subscribers, you must actually stream and work; otherwise, everything will drop to 700-800 subscribers, for which they will pay a dollar.

Obviously, the popular streaming platform Twitch officials smiled as they disclosed this issue when they say that numbers and quality of material will improve, thus the income will increase. Perhaps something like this will happen for someone who is truly gonna fucked stream to the audience, though he still has his doubts.

That is, after all, their business. There are idiots that adore streaming so much that they are willing to fuck score for their lives and sit in front of the camera 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to entertain the audience.

He said that he will now try to stick to one stream per week, or two streams to avoid overworking himself. He will also attempt to find some other commercial about MMO New World when it comes out. And in order to avoid overstretching, even salespeople have a limited number of streams and while they are paying, he will milk this topic.

Eventually, the views will deteriorate to the point that they will just tell him. Then he will score, and he will start thinking about where else he can cut freebies on YouTube, on Twitch, maybe something new.

Maddison had previously criticized Twitch’s new regional subscription arrangement, claiming that his revenue had fallen over fivefold.