An indie horror co-op ghost hunting phenomenon called Phasmophobia  just got a new update for the holidays, and fans are seeing the jolly present giver.

Kinetic Games probably had no idea how popular its co-operative ghost hunting game Phasmophobia would become when it was released in September 2020, especially among the streaming community. With the recent release of “Cursed Possessions” just in time for the holidays, the game now has a lot more content, and players are noticing that one particular jolly character has not only been added, but has been aggressively hunting down and attacking players, in keeping with the spirit of Christmas.

A number of people have been sharing videos of themselves playing the new Phasmophobia patch, specifically the moment they realize Santa Claus has been added to the game as one of the ghosts. One user on Twitch, Otter Lady can be seen at the precise moment they realize which entity is on the prowl in her Twitch clip. Viewers first notice a spectral being dressed in Santa’s traditional red garbs manifesting in the room before they notice the otherwise jolly sound of bells ringing.

Many people who are seeing the new, and presumably temporary, ghost for the first time seem to be enjoying the Phasmophobia Christmas update. This is a lighthearted diversion from a game that many consider to be intense and terrifying.

In general, the developer has added a nice little touch that is appropriate for this time of year for many. It also stands in stark contrast to the recently released Halloween update. Phasmophobia received a new nightmare difficulty in that patch, as well as a new map, Maple Lodge Campsite, which featured an appearance from Slender Man, making the game even more spooky.

Given Kinetic’s huge popularity, it’s perhaps not surprising that Phasmophobia is one of the highest rated games on Steam, and that it’s only getting better. With the new update bringing an additional ghost that is thwarting many investigations, as well as the aforementioned “cursed possessions,” Phasmophobia should be able to enjoy a lot more time as one of the most intriguing indie horror games of the last year or so.