Tyler Blevins AKA Ninja recently teamed up with Masterclass to offer a 30-day virtual course on how to become a successful Twitch streamer.

‘In just thirty days, Ninja will launch a new Masterclass on how to become a successful streamer.’ Ninja has had a lot of success on the popular streaming platform in recent years. Ninja was recently cast in the upcoming Hotel Transylvania film, demonstrating that his fame extends beyond Twitch.

Many people, especially those interested in video games and general nerd or geek culture, dream of having a full-time job as a professional streamer. Several of the most well-known streamers have made their names on Twitch, with creators like Ninja, Pokimane, and Ludwig achieving celebrity status as a result of their work on the Amazon-owned platform. 

The inverse has also happened, with established public figures like rapper Logic and NBA star Karl Anthony Towns becoming extremely popular on Twitch. Streamers typically make money from a combination of brand endorsements and fan donations, though those in the upper echelon may have direct agreements with Twitch. Ninja signed an exclusivity deal with Twitch in 2020, boosting and securing his earnings even more.

Ninja’s upcoming 30-day virtual course, which will be hosted on Masterclass, is for those interested in learning more about what goes into this potentially lucrative career. The course will focus on how to create an engaging and specific personal brand while growing and maintaining a loyal audience, according to a Masterclass press release. The course will also cover the more technical aspects of streaming, such as how to set up a recording setup and how to optimize your PC. The course is already open for enrollment, and it will go live on March 30th.

Despite recent controversies, such as his feud with fellow Twitch streamer Pokimane, Ninja is well-liked in the streaming community. He is unquestionably a major inspiration to anyone who aspires to be a successful streamer, so this class is likely to be well-attended. Only time will tell how well it is received, but Ninja’s status as a well-liked content creator will undoubtedly encourage many participants to enroll in good faith.

It’s important to note that this class does not guarantee Twitch or other streaming platform success.

By many accounts, content creation is a highly competitive and fickle career path with numerous challenges and obstacles to overcome, and a 30-day virtual class is unlikely to change that. Still, as with almost everything else, learning about Twitch streaming from successful figures like Ninja won’t hurt.