Chance “Sodapoppin” was recently spotted with Malena Tudi and his friend Nick “nmplol.” Nick was doing a cooking stream with his girlfriend while also practicing for the upcoming One True King (OTK) game night.

As the stream progressed, Sodapoppin appeared, and the three of them began to converse about various aspects of their lives. Nick asked Soda about the ring he was wearing all of a sudden.

VTuber Veibae yelled at him for not wearing a ring that the fake couple bought from Amazon, as he hilariously explained his “ironic” relationship with her.

Nick was livestreaming for about three hours, where he was preparing for an upcoming game show hosted by the streamer organization OTK by playing games like Mario Kart and Minecraft. The streamer couple decided to cook some delicious meals with their Twitch audience after a few hours. Sodapoppin joined in as well, talking about various events in their lives.

Soda’s relationship with VShojo member Veibae was one such topic. In January 2022, a viral video surfaced on Twitch in which a streamer jokingly mentioned how he had become ironically engaged to Veibae. Continuing on the same theme, Sodapoppin explained his situation in response to Nick’s question. Sodapoppin removed the ring and handed it to Nick after Nick asked if he could see it. Soda made a final remark about how the ring physically hurt him.

After hearing Soda’s story, Nick continued to make fun of the streamer before moving on with the live stream. On Reddit, fans and viewers were making jokes about how Soda ended up marrying a “JPEG,” with some viewers even revealing that they had joked along the same lines at the start of their relationship.

The duo made their first public appearance in January 2022, when they took part in Mizkif‘s streamer show, Parasocial, and competed against each other. Chance and Veibae were then seen spending hours upon hours playing games like League of Legends. Fans continue to wonder if the relationship is a joke or if it is genuine.