Twitch streamer Jaryd Lazar aka Summit1g, a popular GTA RP streamer, has challenged NoPixel’s ban policy. He claims that the administrators are too ready to ban people for minor infractions.

This came after Bryce “HutchMF” Hutchinson, a fellow GTA RP livestream, was banned from the server. Summit1g noted that the admins should be cautious when issuing bans because many streams’ livelihoods are at stake. 

NoPixel is inarguably the most popular GTA RP server and is frequented by the most popular streamers. It also gains negative publicity quite often because of streamers getting banned from the server.

HutchMF recently got into a fight with another player who refused to obey his demands, even after he was threatened with a gun. Most GTA RP servers emphasize severe roleplaying, with players expected to adhere to a set of rules. Fear RP is one of the where players must act as if they are afraid for their lives when their character is in a life-threatening predicament.

The player who was being held at gunpoint failed to do so and instead drew his own weapon. HutchMF ultimately shot him after giving him multiple warnings. Summit1g believes this is a perfectly typical reaction, stating: “What’s wrong with that? That’s not NVL.”

In Grand Theft Auto RP, NVL stands for No Value of Life. When a character doesn’t take their life-threatening condition seriously, it’s the same as Fear RP. HutchMF, who was the first to point a gun, was apparently banned for this reason. Summit1g, in HutchMF’s defense, reminds us that: “Ask yourself this. You’re in a car, a guy pulls a gun at you…in your blind spot right there, what do you do? You get the f**k back out or you hit the f**king gas. Ask yourself.”

Because HutchMF was already in his car, he pressed the accelerator and accelerated backwards. When a gun is pointed at them, even the in-game NPCs in most GTA games respond in this manner. Games like Cyberpunk 2077 have been criticized for having less intelligent AI.

When confronted with a gun, the game’s NPCs will cower, even if they are inside a car.

The objective of a ban, according to Summit1g, is to teach the offender what they did. He stated that it is the admins’ job to inform rulebreakers of their errors. Summit1g, on the other hand, blamed the roleplayer who reported such a trivial occurrence. In the future, he advised HutchMF to avoid such GTA RP players. Thankfully, the suspension was only short, as compared to a 30-day suspension, which Summit1g believes “could affect someone’s whole career.”