Popular Twitch streamer RunTheFUTMarket who is known for playing the FIFA games has recently been banned from the platform after watching the highlights of the Tokyo Olympic Games on his twitch stream.

Twitch streamer RunTheFUTMarket whose real name is Nick Bartel is one of the most prominent FIFA streamers on the platform gaining over 500,000 followers on his channel.

On July 26th, Nick tweeted out informing his fans that he got banned from the platform for allegedly watching the Olympics, presumably while on stream but he insists that what he was watching were highlights, and not a live broadcast. It seems that the reason behind the ban is likely due to the company believing the user was streaming copyrighted material, which live sporting events would come under.

Twitch’s user guidelines, which is posted on its website, do indeed state that people may not stream live TV or sporting events, as well as other copyrighted material such as music. However, it’s entirely possible that the company has simply made an error, especially given that RunTheFUTMarket says he was watching highlights.

For now, his account is no longer available on the platform, instead, relaying the standard banned account message that reads: “Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable.” The length of the ban was not disclosed by the streamer, just saying that he hopes it will only last a couple of days.

Some fans were suggesting that the streamer should move into Youtube for the meantime but Nick said that this isn’t something they could do, as they have a contract with Twitch. Nick was not the only streamer who have faced DMCA takedowns for streaming Olympics content as also many streamers have been calling for Twitch to take action to help protect them and their accounts.